SK-Hynix SSD

SK Hynix Inc. is a South Korean memory semiconductor supplier of dynamic random access memory chips and flash memory chips. Hynix is the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker and the world’s fifth-largest semiconductor company.

SK-Hynix SSD


As one of four NAND suppliers, SK Hynix’s NAND memory is widely used on many SSD brands. But now they have their own product line. 

SK hynix ssd

SL308 series is using TLC flash cell, however, its pricing is very competitive, sequential read at speed 540MB/s, write at 470MB/s, Random read at 95K IOPS, write at 85K.


SL308 series comes with 3 storage capacities, 120GB/250GB/500GB. If you are tight on budget, SK hynix SSD is a good choice.


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