Smart Home Automation - How much does it cost to setup a 2-Bedroom 1-Bath Airbnb unit?

I have a small Airbnb unit that gets rented out in the basement of my home. I've been making small upgrades to make it more appealing to my Airbnb guests. One experiment that I've been interested in is setting up the whole unit with home automation. This blog will detail my purchases and experiences upgrading my 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom airbnb unit to include smart home automation.

Smart Home Automation - How much does it cost to setup a 2-Bedroom 1-Bath Airbnb unit?

I'm about to start setting my home's basement unit for smart home automation. It is currently renovated as a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom Airbnb rental unit.

Here is a list of things I would like to have installed in my basement unit:

  1. Smart Lighting Controls
  2. Smart Temperature Controls
  3. Smart Alarm - Intrusion and Motion Detection
  4. Smart Door Lock - for updating new guests login passcodes and cleaners

Of the five items listed above, I believe updating the lighting controls will be the easiest and most noticeable upgrade.

Smart Home Automation - Hub

Samsung Smarthings Hub - I've been testing smart home automation for the last year all running off the Samsung Smartthings Hub. I'm also very interested in testing the Wink Hub as well. As of right now, I'll start the project using the Samsung Smartthing Hub. It is currently on sale at Amazon for about $75.00.

Amazon - Samsung Smartthings Hub

Amazon - Wink Hub 2


Smart Home Automation Part 1 - Smart Lighting Controls

So in the basement of my home, I have drop ceilings with 2 x 4 Lighting Troffers (each with 4 tubes). I upgraded the lighting about 1 year ago to LED Tubes in 4000K. The tubes at the time were $19.99 each. I think you can purchase LED Tube lights for about $10-12 each now. The LED Upgrade was awesome because it eliminated the buzzing and flickering of the fluorescent tubes and saved me about 50% of the power.  My problem is I want to upgrade to smart lighting control without having to change my LED Tube Lights which I spent a fortune to upgrade.

My solution came in the form of a light switch!

On Amazon, you can order any number of Z-Wave compatible light switches. The most popular one looks like the GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Paddle Switch for $34.50. I ordered 3 units for my basement unit to start testing. One for each bedroom and one for the main living area. My purpose for putting all the main lighting on smart switches is so I can have daytime/nighttime lighting controls as well as occupancy sensor so I can control the mood as well as save energy.

 GE Z-Wave Smart Home Paddle Switch and In-Wall Socket


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