You ever been to the Olypmics? I haven't. Not because I don't want to go but tickets cost way too much or way too far. Now all of a sudden there are cheap cheap tickets to watch the Olympics in Brazil and they're not sold out....whats the catch... ZIKA!!!!


Watching the Olypmics in Brazil would be an amazing experience and I'm trying to figure out how I can attend without being the next BeetleJuice victim. For the last few weeks, I've been hunting gear that can protect me from those pesky Zika mosquitos and so far the best thing I found is a mosquito jacket and pants combo.

Black Fine Mesh Mosquito Jacket, Full Face Hood & Zipper ,L/XL Chest Size up to 62"Fine Mesh Mosquito Pants, L/XL Waist Size uptp 62", Inseam 33"

I wonder if i'll be the only weirdo sporting a head to toe mosquito mesh suit or will I be sharing this suit with the American Olympic team.

I'll add to this blog as I find more Zika prevention stuff.


Paranoid Sports Fanatic,

Gary Yeung

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