HGST WD Ultrastar DC HC520 HUH721212AL4200 12TB HDD 7200 RPM SAS 12Gb/s Interface 4Kn ISE 3.5-Inch Helium Data Center Enterprise Internal Hard Disk Drive


  • Doesn't work in PCs, this model has the SAS interface that's intended only for servers, the SAS interface is not compatible with PCs, please verify your controller/backplane is SAS capable

  • 12TB of storage capacity, more Watts to TB than previous hard drives, helium-weld design for lower temperature and vibration

  • Power efficient along with the capacity density necessary for cost-effective enterprise storage solutions

  • Reliable 2.5 million hours mean-time-between-failure rating perfect for cloud and hyperscale storage data integrity

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HGST Ultrastar He12 HUH721212AL4200 continues the company's long-standing history of performance and capacity leadership. The proven drive construction makes it possible for increased dependability and accessibility to consumer data. Ultrastar He12 excellence, functionality and top class technical support and service supplies clients a lower total cost of ownership over prior models.

•Capacity: 12TB
•Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
•Spindle Speed: 7.2K RPM and Cache: 256MB
•Form Factor: 3.5 inch


One-third extra capacity and 23% decreased power consumption readily available today. That's the power of helium. Delivering high capacity at 12TB, Ultrastar He12 is based on the extensively accepted and proven HelioSeal platform. HelioSeal engineering switches air with helium inside the drive, reducing air friction and enabling an exclusive multi-disk design in a regular 3.5 inch form factor.


HGST HUH721212AL4200 gives a unique TCO value and provides increased storage productivity with developments in capacity, power economy and performance. The HUH721212AL4200 HelioSeal hard drive achieves up to 3x greater random write ability than the prior generation, Ultrastar He12, thanks to HGST's media cache architecture, a disk-based caching technology.


Ultrastar He12 goes further what any air-based HDD can perform and seamlessly integrates into pretty much any mainstream industry system. Cooler and less noisy with exceptional power performance (Watts/TB) and no-compromise capability, the Ultrastar He12 lays the groundwork for long-term progress in enormous scale-out systems. Created to take care of workloads of up to 550TB per year, Ultrastar He12 includes a 12Gb/s SAS interface for simple integration into maximum functionality data centers. Features like Rebuild Assist substantially reduce RAID recreate times and maintain system functionality during the restore process.


Brand HGST
Series Ultrastar DC HC520
Model HUH721212AL4200
Interface SAS 12.0Gb/s
Capacity 12TB
RPM 7200 RPM
Cache 256MB
Usage For Enterprise Storage
Form Factor 3.5"
Height (maximum) 26.10mm
Width (maximum) 101.60mm
Length (maximum) 147.00mm
Package OEM bare drive

Additional Information
Item Condition Brand New
Brand Western Digital
MPN 0F29560