Teeth Whitening Light 16 LED Teeth Whitener w/ 3 Adapters for iPhone, Android & USB. Works w/ Teeth Whitening Strips or any Teeth Whitening Gel.

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  • Reusable, simple, hands free, and easy to use, NO BATTERIES and NO EXTRA TRAYS

  • 16 BRIGHT LEDs and 3 ADAPTERS for iPhone, Android and USB

  • Works with Teeth Whitening Strips or any Teeth Whitening Gel (sold separately). Prevent/treat GUM DISEASE and PERIODONTAL DISEASE.

  • ENHANCES GELS OR STRIPS to break down stains on the tooth surface and accelerate the process of whitening teeth.

  • LARGE TRAY AREA keeps gel from leaking on to the gums.

Product Description

USB 16 LED Teeth Whitening Light Accelerator Dental Tray work For Gel or Strips

Product features:

  • Home teeth whitening product, easy to use
  • LED accelerator light can accelerate the whitening process
  • Support iPhone, Android devices (Micro USB), USB
  • The color of light is Blue.
  • Maximize the Results of Any Teeth Whitening Gels or Strips With This Safe, At Home Light & Tray Set
  • Special designs, innocuous silica gel muzzle, make sure stopping intersectional infection
  • Hands Free, Lightweight Option to Free Yourself Up to Read or Exercise While Whitening

LED Teeth Whitening Light with 3 Adapters For iPhone, Android, USB. Never needs batteries or additional teeth whitening trays. Simple, hands free, and easy to use, Works with any Teeth Whitening Gel or Teeth Whitening Strips (sold separately, not included) for Pro White Teeth

Faster teeth whitening effects: Soft Tray & Works with Any Brand At Home Teeth Whitening Refill Gels or Strip to Speed Results Very high-quality teeth whitening light that can be easily washed and stored(bonus exquisite case for teeth whitening light) and is comfortable while wearing

Our super SOFT silicone mouthpiece requires no molding so no worries of your mouth tray messing up. It is also smaller which is perfect for women with a smaller mouth

Additional Information

Item Condition Brand New
Manufacturer Universal